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The Stretch to Win system is used by top-level athletes, including the 1996 USA Olympic Wrestling team, the 2000 Minnesota Vikings football team, the 2000-2004 University of Texas women's track teams in preparation for Olympic trials, and others.

Incorporates 10 fundamental principles:

1.Synchronize your breathing with your movement.

2.Tune your nervous system to current conditions.

3.Follow a logical order.

4.Achieve a range of motion gain without pain.

5.Stretch your fascia (connective Tissue), not just your muscle.

6.Use multiple planes of .movement

7.Target the entire joint.

8.Get Maximum lengthening with traction.

9.Facilitate body reflexes for optimal results.

10.Adjust stretching to present goal.

The Stretch to Win™ system has been scientifically proven to enhance performance more effectively than traditional stretch techniques by working the body in a series of rotational spirals and diagonals, mirroring the way muscles naturally attach in the body.

Stretch Therapy Highlights:

•Achieve a substantially better range of motion than with traditional stretching programs.

•Trainers are Certified Flexibility Therapist™ by the Stretch to Win Institute.™

•30-minute and 1 hour stretch sessions are available.

•All sessions are one-on-one, working with a Certified Flexibility Specialist.

To complement our HardCore Pilates classes and provide even greater flexibility, we offer stretch therapy based on the proven Stretch to Win™ system!

Stretch to Win! - Stretch Therapy!!!!



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