HardCore Pilates


Tones, strengthens, and elongates muscles

• Increases balance and coordination

• Develops a strong core/center

• Creates a strong and healthy spine

• Correction of muscular imbalances

• Spinal and pelvic alignment

• Rehabilitation of an injury

• Increase in flexibility

• Improves circulation


Since 2004, we have been offering a high quality form of Pilates to clients throughout the city of Houston! Our unique total body approach focuses on strength, flexibility and overall muscle tone. With a consistent level of participation, in as little as one month, you'll look, feel, and function better than you ever have before!

HardCore Pilates is not your traditional pilates workout, it is HardCore! No matter your age or conditioning, we'll help you transform the way your body looks, feels and performs! We are dedicated to helping you feel balanced in mind and body. HardCore clients connect to their deepest inner strength, pushing them to their limit and then enabling them to push harder in ways they never imagined!

"Our mission is to bring about positive, life long change to each individual’s quality of life by helping you transform your body.

We are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life achieve and maintain a strong, healthy body; a dynamic mind; and a vibrant spirit!!"


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