Hardcore Pilates & Beginner's Pilates

HardCore Pilates:

No matter your age or conditioning, this signature class using the Allegro Reformer will help you dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs! This 50 minute full body, core targeted workout that will help you strengthen, tighten your body, burn fat, improve your endurance as well as help jump-start your metabolism! 

Beginner's Pilates:

Ideal for beginners and those who want a safe and effective class experience to build a solid Pilates foundation! This class focuses on form and alignment to help you master the Pilates fundamentals, so that you can get the most out of your workout as you become more advanced!

New! - HardCore Bounce

See results, boost your metabolism and build strength in our core-focused whole body, Bounce classes! Classes are high intensity interval training on the trampoline combined with targeted core work. Trampolines are 20% more cardio effective than the treadmill and give 80% less stress on your knees! Click below to find a class that fits your schedule!

Arms & Abs Pilates

Time to take your HardCore workout to another level! Arms & Abs Pilates focuses on your triceps, biceps and abs; helping to build, shape, and strengthen!

HardCore Zen

For the majority of us the week can get pretty hectic. HardCore Zen focuses on breathing and deep stretching and is a slower-paced HardCore workout that really allows you to focus on your form and challenges your muscle control at the same time. Find your center with Hardcore Zen and feel the stresses of the week slip away. 


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