What is Pilates?

Pilates is an innovative exercise program that focuses on the core muscles that help you keep the body balanced and provide support for the spine. Rather than isolating a specific joint as in most weight lifting, Pilates focuses on working the deep muscles of the entire torso all at once using controlled movements on a mat or equipment.

Training these core muscles provides a stronger foundation for all other body movement, protects the back from injuries, alleviates back pain, and develops fitness that is essential to daily living and regular activities. 

In addition to strengthening the deep torso muscles, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breathing and a focus on alignment of the spine; emphasizing found Joseph Pilates' belief that our physical and mental health are intertwined.  The result is a sleek, toned body, heightened body awareness, good posture, improved flexibility, and easy, graceful movement. 

Hardcore Pilates builds on these principles, combining a focus on core strength, flexibility, and overall muscle tone for a unique total body approach. 

HardCore Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system appropriate for any age or condition. As with any exercise program, please consult with your physician if you have a medial condition or are just starting a fitness routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions



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